1. What are the sizes available in Jumbo Bingo tickets?

JumboBingo provides premium bingo tickets in sets of 6 and 12, presented within a single flyer, and this flyer is available in varying sizes ranging from 2 to 14 sheets.

2. Can I customize the design and features of bingo tickets?

We provide tickets in a variety of colors, each with a unique serial number. For customization options, please contact us at 01926 857777 or via email at sales@jumbobingo.co.

3. Are JumboBingo's bingo tickets suitable for various gaming environments?

JumboBingo employs high-quality paper for its premium bingo tickets, featuring vibrant color prints that maintain their quality and durability, ensuring resilience in various gaming conditions.

4. What if there are 2 Jumbo Bingo tickets with the same numbers?

Every ticket produced by JumboBingo is assigned a unique identification number, eliminating the possibility of duplicate tickets or two bingo tickets sharing the same number.

5. What is the recommended storage condition for maintaining bingo ticket quality?

JumboBingo utilizes high-quality paper and advanced printers for its bingo tickets, ensuring durability. When stored in a closed box, these tickets are designed to last long.

6. How long do you take to dispatch the orders?

After placing an order with JumboBingo, we ensure the delivery of premium bingo tickets within 3 business days in UK & within 7* business days worldwide.

7. How can I access the JumboBingo Caller Verifier/Software?

Upon registration with JumboBingo, our dedicated executive will furnish you with login details and offer a tutorial for the complimentary Caller Verifier.

8. What are the charges one has to pay for the Caller Verifier?

JumboBingo's Caller Verifier is a complimentary software provided exclusively to our valued customers. This verifier is compatible with every JumboBingo premium ticket.

9. What system requirements are needed to run the JumboBingo Caller Verifier?

Your regular browser with a good internet connection is enough for Caller Verifier use.

10. Will jumbo tickets from other manufacturers be compatible with this JumboBingo Caller Verifier?

Our JumboBingo tickets are assigned unique serial numbers that seamlessly integrate with our complimentary Caller Verifier. Please note that tickets from other manufacturers or suppliers may not be compatible with this software.

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